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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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next, senator rand paul says he supports mitt romney, so then why is the senator ripping into the candidate's foreign policy plan, the senator exclusive "outfront" next. plus, a feisty hearing on capitol hill today over the handling of the terrorist attack in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans. one of them, a navy s.e.a.l. an exclusive interview with one of the sisters with his story. and new testimony, new results and mounting evidence. some pretty damning evidence, perhaps. lance armstrong accused of the most sophisticated doping scandal in u.s. history. his attorney fights back tonight
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"outfront." let's go. good evening, everyone. tonight, a punch in the gut for mitt romney. just as he's been surfing the post debate tsunami of positive polls, he may be felt by fire. a major supporter campaigning for romney this week, feels so strongly that he had to speak out. rand paul of kentucky, senator, always good to see you and i appreciate you're taking the time. you wrote an op-ed that appeared on and the headline was romney's wrong on the middle east, comma, defense spening. here's a little of what you're so upset about. mitt romney said it today. >> in a place like syria for instance, we should through our partners in the region, work to identify dissidents within syria
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that are responsible people, try to bring them together, provide weaponing and funding and they can promote their agenda. >> provide funding and weapons for them so they can defend their agenda. >> i have two questions. number one, when we get involved with war or providing weapons, it needs to go before congress. the constitution says that is the prerogative of the legislatures. it's difficult to know who friend and foe are. over a decade now in afghanistan. we have trouble telling friend from foe. the people we're training, the afghan soldiers, are turning their weapons on us. so, how are we supposed to know, who is our friend and foe? there's a significant christian population in syria.
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they fled from iraq after the war began. they felt it was safer to be under assad. what is that christian population saying? many news reports say they're unsure whether they want to support the the rebels or assad and if they can't make up their mind, how can we know for certain that an islamic government is what we really want? >> and so, senator, why did you choose this way? you were very specific in your criticism. it's not just mitt romney. lindsey graham, john mccain have said they're in favor of arming the rebels in syria. had you already tried to talk to mitt romney and he wasn't listening? >> well, we've had a couple of differences and i support governor romney and think he will make a great president, but on foreign policy, i think there's too much agreement between the republicans and democrats. but i think the people are tired
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of war. when you talk to republicans or democrats now, i think it's almost universal. people want to come home from afghanistan. you know, there's such great sorrow when you think about our soldiers being killed by the same police and soldiers being helped. so i've seen a great movement in recent weeks towards really wanting to come home and i don't want governor romney to think it is a good thing to appear more bellicose. i think there are more republicans and independents who don't necessarily want a president who will begin a war in syria. i think it's very important that we not express that as what we're trying to do. >> had you spoken to him privately? >> i spoke with him a couple of months ago and my swren impression when i talked with him is he has a healthy reluctance for war. i don't think he maybe comes across as bellicose as some of these speeches are.
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i think we have to be careful as republicans because we need to be cognizant of what's going on. and realize that not every fight is one we should be involved in. >> are you concerned that coming out with these criticisms, because they are significant. he has made a big deal about arming the rebels. also about the defense budget and how he wants to increase it. are you worried that by coming out, you say you support him, but you could be hurting his chances to win? >> no, because i think what we need to be talking about are pretty important issues that transcend partisanship. if we want to figure out the overriding problem in washington is the the debt. we're going to have to compromise. conservatives like myself who believe national defense is very important, will have to say that not every dollar spent on the military is sacred and liberals will have to acknowledge that
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not every dollar spent on entitlements is sacred. they have to come together, but we have to reduce. we spend more on the military than all of our nato allies combined. we spend more on military than almost the rest of the world combined. how much is enough? we've increased our military spending 140% in the last ten years. we need to begin con serving dollars across entire budget. >> so, let me ask you this question about the defense budget. i read it. i knew you were frustrated by what mitt romney has proposed there. he's proposing an increase in the defense budget. he's been specific. i think it's fair to say more specific than on the tax plan. and he's come out and said he's going to increase spending from where it is significantly. i'll throw it up on the screen. that's a pretty incredible number.
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all right. barack obama's budget according to his plan would be $605 billion. that's pretty amazing. are you more like in the obama camp is what i'm getting? >> what i would say is the same thing i say to liberals. can't always make education better by throwing more money at it. depend our vital interests, but let's not be everywhere all the time. let's no decide every war is something that u.s. dollars as well as soldiers have to participate in. so i do object to it. i'm concerned that you know, we could be at war with syria even before the election occurs. if things escalate across turkey's border. you have the head of nato now says that if turkey's attacked, all of a sudden, nato's mite
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will be involved in this war and i think for a border skirmish between syria and turkey, where syria's government is very weak and destabilized, i don't want to see world war where all of nato comes on to the turkish syria border. i don't think that's what the american people want and we need to be very careful about it. >> just want to show you something i saw interesting today. you have a super pac. rand pack and have been running some ads. so far, six figures. you've been spending real money on this. rand pac 2016. i'm sorry, i was confused. i thought you were already running for president. but when i realized, that's when you're up for senate, right. but are you laying the groundwork? >> yeah, we're running ads on foreign aid, letting people know that several different democrat senators are voting for foreign aid that really are not agenting like allies and don't appear to
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be our friends. >> and at least you don't have to change the name of the pac or anything if you switch what you're running for. good to see you. >> you may be right there. all right. >> all righty then. pretty interesting, huh? "outfront" next, president obama opens up about his much criticized debate performance. what he thinks he did and what he thinks the president needs to do differently at the next debate. plus, ann romney on the attack and a new bombshell testimony from nearly a dozen teammates of lance armstrong. including years of doping and helping other cyclists dope. do these claims finally add up up? lance armstrong's attorney "outfront." ♪
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just moments ago, president obama admitting this to abc news. >> well, governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. it's not -- >> how bad? >> well, it's not the first time i've had a bad night, but i think what's important is that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed.
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>> those are pretty direct admission and it came just hours after the president offered up this explanation. little bit different. for his performance last week. >> you know, the debate i think is fair to say i was just too polite. it's hard to sometimes keep on saying what you're saying isn't true. the good news is that's just the first one. >> the former director of speech for president clinton, ryan. you couldn't even restrain yourself from rolling your eyes there. >> you know, i think that actually it's good for president obama to seem humble and thoughtful and hey, i didn't have a great night. i personally don't think that was the key problem. i think that mitt romney was bet e prepared, but also, president obama has a tough time defending his record when he's confronted with someone who's nimble and more moderate. so i think that was fundamentally awkward.
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i think the idea that barack obama were to call out mitt romney for lying, it's very popular with the democratic base. those persuadable swing voters might find that unpleasant. so it's a sensible thing for him to say on a radio show, but in reality, i'm not sure if that would make president obama seem appealing. >> i have to say michael from the focus group, what i saw, that is going to play much better. 39 people. but anytime someone said someone was a liar, dishonest, people don't like hearing it. >> he needs to find a way to explain among other thing, why he had a bad night as he said. you know, the things that he has to do in these debates, one is say what he wants to do in a second term. second, really go after mitt romney with a smile. an elbow. not in an unpleasant way, but also to show he wants it. to make the connection with the public that he's asking them in effect for their vote and to my mind, that was the thing he didn't do enough last time and he certainly can do those
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things, especially the last one, in a town meeting or any other kind of debate and i don't think he has to call him a liar. i think he has to basically, during the cuban missile crisis, president kennedy got one letter from the russian leader, another that said something different and he just responded to the first letter. i would respond to the mitt romney who's been running for president for two years with his policies, rather than to the new romney that came out more or less last week. >> on that note, a topic that did not come up at the prior debate, but will come up and the president wants to this come up because of the polls that have shown a plunge in support among women. diane sawyer asked about romney's recent remarks on the whole flip-flopping on abortion. here's his answer. >> i actually think his position when it comes to women's rights
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to control their own health care decisions, you know, what he has been saying is what he believes. he thinks that it is appropriate for politicians to injection themselves in those decisions. governor romney had made very clear that if a bill comes to his desk that overturns roe versus wade, that he will be fully supportive of that and said i will appoint justices that will overturn roe versus wade. >> he's also said things completely opposite. the question is, is this going to be a big issue at the debate? is this going to hurt mitt romney? >> i think this is a very tough issue for republicans partly because the position that's advanced by mitt romney is yes, we want roe versus wade to be overturned so it's decided by democratic legislatures, state by state. the thing is that people don't always understand that. a lot of people think it says something it doesn't actually say and that ambiguity can be beneficial for democrats or
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republicans, really. so i think that's actually, it's a tough issue for politicians to talk about. >> so, mitt romney has been on different sides of the abortion issue. you can call it flip-flopping, evolving. i don't care. but the reality of it is you have his base is excited now. are they going to vote for him no matter what and it's smart for him to say i'm coming off as more moderate, i'm saying this now and independents are going to respond to that. >> he's had to face this same confusion in other elections. when he ran against ted kennedy, kennedy did well in the debate saying he's not pro choice, he's multi-choice. he's had a problem of saying what he wants to say to the republican base and to the swing voters in the middle. i think the country is pro
2:19 am
choice, but some ways, moderately. i think the problem for romney is that the activists are much further than he could be and it's going to be the trick for president obama is how can you kind of pin romney to the positions he's taken or the silence he's had over the last two years. >> this is an interesting one. as a woman, i don't know. this is a fascinating question. a lot of people are pro-choice and pro-life at the same time. thanks very much. still to come, virginia could be the state that tips the election to either mitt romney or barack obama. so, what issue do voters care about the most there? john avlon, we sent him "outfront" to the battleground state to take a look at the final factors. and $15,000. is it too much to spend on a watch? you thought we were going to say car, huh? well, what if you were president of the united states? see life in the best light.
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our third story, the final factors. our series on the crucial issues in the swing states that are going to decide this election. there is no place more crucial to both candidates, about 30 miles outside washington, d.c. loudoun county.
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both candidates and their wives have campaigned a lot and president obama even noted how crucial that specific county is to his re-election bid. >> we won loudoun county last time and if we win loudoun county this time, we will win virginia and if we win virginia, we will win this election! >> the latest polls from virginia shows a tight race. well within the margin of error. obama ahead by two points. now, there is one big issue to voters in loudoun, aside from lyme disease. go ahead and google it. the other issue is this one. $600 billion in spending cuts from the defense budget that are going to start next year unless congress finds a way out of that whole crisis. john avlon has the story. >> loudoun county is the symbol of the new northern virginia. fast growing.
2:25 am
post 9/11, defense industry boomed. that's why the county now has the highest median income in the united states. population has more than doubled over the past decade and the hispanic population has tripled. demographic shifts like these helped president obama be the first democrat to win virginia since 1964 by just 11,500 votes. a half trillion dollars in looming military cuts create a danger to loudoun's economic well being. john dyer lives in loudoun. he's cofounder of ksh technology. >> most of my neighbors are government employees or contractors. so, they would be affected by it. this cut. big time. >> dyer is a coveted swing voter. >> what was your first vote for president?
2:26 am
>> ronald reagan. so, actually, i have a photograph of my grandfather, my father, my brother and myself all voting together at the same time, so -- >> it's a family tradition. so, you take this seriously. >> it was always a, you know, a big deal in our family. >> you voted for president obama last time around. what are the final considerations? >> issues around the federal government spending, how it affects our business. so, it is my life blood. and my future. >> dyer's business partner is -- she knows just how devastating these cuts could be to loudoun. >> the dysfunctional process that brought us to the brink of this problem, which is going to be as serious a problem for our region as the fallout of the car industry was to detroit.
2:27 am
it will be small businesses like ours that are going to be hit the most. it's projected 2 million jobs will be lost, half of which will be from small companies will be hit earliest and hardest. it's going to be very unfortunate. >> she sees this as a symptom of the dysfunction of congress. >> when you start asking questions, is it appropriate for someone to consider congress a career? if it's appropriate when decisions remain about someone's next election versus making the best decisions for the country. we need to start asking ourselves about reforming the two-part political system which has created this type of problem that again, will have devastating consequences in terms of the economy across the country, but definitely in loudoun and across virginia. >> for undecided voters in loudoun county like john dyer, romney and obama both still have
2:28 am
an opening, but they need to talk specific solutions. when you see the sequester looming, what does it make you feel? frustrated? >> concerned. concerned about the trickle down effect that might happen if the budgets were cut, some of the partnering opportunities we would have with prime contractors might not move forward. >> and that would be devastating to your business? >> yes, it would. >> in the next debates, both candidates will need to present a plan to avoid blunt edges. northern virginia, a totally different political complexion. now with the sequester hanging over local small businesses, people are concerned, anxious and frustrated and looking for solutions from the candidates. >> and ahead, congress demands answers about the events that led to the terrorist attack in libya that killed four americans.
2:29 am
who knew what and when. tonight, an exclusive interview with the sister of a navy s.e.a.l. killed that night. plus, a new role for mitt romney's wife. ann going on the attack. attack ann. but is it working? here are we ? just a second. just, just one second. ♪ get outta the car. ♪ are you ok? the... get in the car. [ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. for wherever life takes you. and now qualified buyers can get 0% apr financing for 48 months on a 2012 cruze. ♪
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we start the second half of our show with stories we care about, focus on our reporting from the front lines. we want to begin with the latest on the meningitis outbreak. it is killed 12 and sickened 137. the steroid injection given to 13,000 people is what's being blamed for this rare form of meningitis. the injections were made by a compounding pharmacy. they're not regulated by the fda. the agency doesn't have jurisdiction over them until there's a problem. several lawmakers plan on introducing bills to change that. one member of the russian punk band pussy riot has been released from prison. a moscow court decided to suspend the sentence because she was only involved of the planning of the performance in which the band was charged with hooliganism. she didn't actually perform because she was stopped by a guard. the two who did perform have
2:34 am
lost their appeal and will serve a two-year sentence. the husband of one of those jailed members has been "outfront" with his daughter as you may recall. we're told he's happy about today's release and is planning to stay until his wife is free. a rare brain-eating amoeba has killed ten in pakistan. it most commonly enters through the nasal passage. it's a water born parasite. extra chlorine is now being punched into the water supply in the hopes of killing the amoeba. it has been 433 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? today -- it's now one level above junk status. s&p warns a future downgrade is possible, which could complicate
2:35 am
the country's effort in requesting a bailout. and now, our fourth story "outfront." what did the state department know and when? that is the question the house oversight committee was trying to get answers to on capitol hill today during a hearing on the attack against the american consulate in benghazi. four witnesses, two from the state department and two security officers were questioned about the security situation leading up to the september 11th attack. it became testy as darrell issa questioned. >> a compound owned by us in serving like a consulate was in fact breached less than 60 days before, approximately 60 days before the murder of the ambassador in the facility, isn't that true? >> sir, we had the correct
2:36 am
number of assets in benghazi at the time of 9/11. for what had been agreed upon -- >> my time is expired. to start off by saying you had the correct number and our ambassador and three others are dead and people are in the hospital recovering because it only took moments to breach that facility, somehow doesn't seem to ring true to the american people. >> mike kelly of pennsylvania also went out to the administration for waiting eight days to call the attack a terrorist attack. >> 230 in libya between july of 2011 and 2012. 48 took place in benghazi. two of which the scene of the september 11th 2012 terror attacks and we are still saying i think it's a result of the video on youtube and this is based on intelligence. you say you couldn't possibly have had a different idea about
2:37 am
it than secretary rice did when she went before the nation september the 16th. this thing smells. >> despite the allegations, regional security officer eric nordstrom testified that more security would not have prevented the deaths, but there so many questions that remain unanswered. on the timeline, what they knew and who they stared it with and when and no one cares more about this tragedy than the families. he gave his life trying to protect americans in libya. his sister is "outfront" tonight. and kate, thank you so much for taking the time. and tell us a little bit about your brother and what motivated him to take on such an important, such a dangerous job. >> glen just had an amazing gift
2:38 am
for life and everywhere he went, he brought such joy. everyone who knew him just thought of him as a best friend and he loved education. he loved recreation. any chance he got, he was skiing, hiking, surfing, swimming and he was just a gift to those who knew him and he loved what he did. he loved and respected the men that he worked with and he fought hard every day because he thought that life was worth it and he proved it. >> he did. and your brother was killed, kate, an act of heroism. he went in to try to save other people's lives. he was there to try to track down the missing weapons from the civil war, so he took on risks and went into save someone's life when he didn't have to. did he ever talk to his fears about being in libya and his fears about security?
2:39 am
>> he knew very well the risks of what he did. ten years in the navy s.e.a.l.s and seven years private. he was well aware of what he was doing, yet he still made the choice to do it any way because he loved fighting for america and he loved being a part of when a country was starting to become liberated and making real change and helping people. and that's what glen stood for. >> we've all heard facts about the attack that subsequently have changed and you just heard some of the testimony from washington. have you and your family been getting updates from the government about what happened to glen? >> we have and you know, the politics of it all are disturbing, you know, if glen were here, he would be the first one to reach across party lines and diffuse the situation. that's what he did. you know, he dealt in life and
2:40 am
death every single day. regardless of your political affiliation. so, you know, the politics should be taken out of it and let's just celebrate this american hero and the other american hero that fought right alongside him that night and the fact that they saved a lot of people. this tragedy could have been so much worse if those two individuals were not called in and didn't respond to the call that night. >> and they did and they did, i mean, taking on this risk that they didn't need to do. don't think anyone can imagine being a hero like that. when you talk about the politics though, kate, you mother put out a statement. obviously, mitt romney had come out and said that he had met your brother and he talked on the campaign trial about that moment. your mother put out a statement today asking romney to stop, but said i don't trust romney. he shouldn't make my son's death part of a political agenda -- do
2:41 am
you feel the same way? >> you know, i don't and my mother's angry and she's grieving and the fact of the matter is what governor mitt romney said about glen is true and he called him a hero and we're honored by that. and we're honored by what obama did for the homecoming and the fact of the matter is is being an american hero can be completely bipartisan and everybody wants to point fingers and play the blame game. let's blame the terrorists. that's who's at fault here. >> i hope they all hear your words tonight. thank you so much, kate. >> thank you. >> pretty amazing and moving story to remember all of those heroes who died that night and now to ann romney. ann romney has taken on a totally, well, maybe a different face than you might expect. we're calling it attack ann. this time, attacking the
2:42 am
explanations for the president's weak debate performance. here she is. >> it's sort of like someone in the sand box who lost the game and they're going to kick sand in someone's face and say, you liar. they lost and so they're going to say we didn't like the game. >> tough talk maybe working. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows ann romney surging in popularity in the last few months. 56% now. sort of like what happened to well, the first lady, when she was running. you may remember a few months before they won. she was not liked. but now very popular. in fact, more popular than all the candidates and ann romney. her numbers are unchanged at 67%. so, should the obama campaign fear mitt romney's secret weapon? good to see you. michael, ann romney, very
2:43 am
visible. she was co-hosting good morning america today. heard from some people she may have just done that as her career. she was really good at it. doesn't seem to be afraid to speak her mind. is she effective? >> yes, i think she helps governor romney and you know, very frequently, the spouses of these candidates help. they rarely do they hurt. but rarely, also, do they really affect the the outcome of the election. i think you could say her poll numbers were affected by her speech at the convention, but they've also matched governor romney's recent rise. >> michelle obama, when she was in ann romney's position in 2008, she was criticized. her favorability rating was about 50%. she was an attack dog. it didn't work for her. the exact quote was quote for the first time in my adult life, i'm proud of my country because it feels like it's making a
2:44 am
comeback. people slammed her for that. she came back to an unprecedented approval rating. why is it working for ann? >> one thing i'll recall, one of mitt romney's famous off the record comments, he said we don't want to overexpose ann because she's a very effective weapon for me. it could be that a couple of jabs here and there because ann romney, these two are incredibly close. folks in mitt romney's own family are defending him saying let mitt be mitt because a lot of other politicians, they have a larger circle of loyalists, so the relationship, they've known each other since they were teenagers. >> they have a big, mormon family. >> i will say that michelle obama is a uniquely powerful surrogate for her husband. she really appealing to unmarried women. she has an unpretentious style
2:45 am
that matching well against president obama's perceived arrogance. in the battle, michelle obama comes out on top. >> which one? >> i think michelle obama is an extraordinary public figure and her speech to the convention in charlotte was remarkable not only in the words, but performance. >> it was a great speech. >> her tv ability was really quite remarkable. >> as a woman, i have to say, what if they ran against each other? let us know, everyone, what you think. next, the u.s. anti doping agency has come out with extensive evidence that shows lance armstrong, they say, ran the most sophisticated and successful doping program in the history of cycling. they say they have e-mail, proof, new drug tests. so, does armstrong stand by his claim that he never doped? his attorney, "outfront" next. plus, how much money should the president spend on his watch?
2:46 am
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the evidence against armstrong is overwhelming. more than 1,000 pages of documents, including e-mails, medical data, lab tests and testimony from 11 former temp -- team mates, who acknowledged their use of steroids while racing with armstrong on the u.s. postal scene are out there armstrong announced he would no longer fight the accusations, he didn't think they deserved that anymore. tim herman, his attorney, is out front tonight. we appreciate you taking the time. sir there is a mountain of evidence in this report. they say new lab work that has been done and the testimony of 11 teammates. >> well, i'll be honest with you, i've been talking to people in your profession most of the afternoon. we did not get a copy of the
2:51 am
report until late. i know generally what's in the report. i'm not real deep in the weeds on the specifics. i don't see anything essentially new in this report. it is not a reasoned decision as you saw or refers to it. they don't talk about anybody who totally cooperated to him. >> i was going to say what about the 11 teammate that is have submitted sworn after statements about this. at what point does the evidence
2:52 am
become too overwhelming? the evidence becomes overwhelming when it's fairly presented and the witnesses are able to be confronted and tested. now, this same testimony and evidence was considered by the justice department in l.a. for about 18 months and decided to go no further. many of these same witnesses testified in an insurance case in 2006 which i tried. and their testimony when tested was not credible. now you are correct, george was not one of the persons who testified in 2006, but i think that the thrust, at least as i understand it, and i haven't read his entire affidavit is
2:53 am
that he felt like he had to -- he had to engage in performance enhancing drugs in forward to level the playing field with the rest of the cyclists and that is how i understand it. >> do you wonder, sir, that so many people have come forth, after so many years, why would they all be lying? >> i'm not suggesting that they are all lying. but i am suggesting that each witness needs to have confrontation and cross examination to test the accuracy of their information. 30 pages of this report are devoted to other people who have been accused. the united states anti-doping
2:54 am
agency funds by u.s. tax dollars spending millions of dollars to go after armstrong who is their target and who they have had a witchhunt in place since the mid 2000s, you saw it does not have jurisdiction over this conduct and the five others who are all foreign nationals. >> okay. >> and so, it is a -- it's a witchhunt that has been confirmed on numerous occasions. >> thank you sir for taking the time to share lance armstrong's side of the story. $15,000 is it too much to pay for a watch? what about if you're president of the united states of america? ! the most dependable, longest lasting, full-size pickups on the road. so, what do you think? [ engine revs ] i'll take it.
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the neiman marcus holiday catalog is out. it includes some big-ticket items, including a $100,000 henhouse. i mean this is real, real life for some weird people. but the most expensive watch is a his and hers watch set. the diamond encrusted watches
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come with a trip for two to europe. it is $1.1 million. who the heck knew watches could be so expensive? we saw one in the "new york times" selling for $250,000. and then there was one going for half a million dollars. but some people actually buy these things which brings me to $19,100. that is how much the two candidates for president spent for their watches. mitt romney wears a $3,500 tag hoyer. and president obama wears a tag hoyer $15,000. romney got back to "town & country" and said you are wrong. his $3,000 tag is a $300 nixon


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